Mr. Frundles Rick and Morty Acrylic Painting on 5×7 Wood Panel

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“Hi I’m Mr. Frundles!”. We can’t guarantee it’ll turn you into Mr. Frundles, but it we can guarantee it will brighten your wall. The perfect gift for the Rick and Morty art collector.

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Wood Panel Ready To Hang:
– Framed on premium wood for easy hanging
– 3/4 inch thick
– Hard-surfaced and sanded wood board will not easily stretch, flex or bend
– Face of the panel is made from real birch wood so the natural grain is visible, making them all beautifully unique

The small painting on wood panel shows the character Mr. Frundles from the popular animated television series Rick and Morty. In the painting, Mr. Frundles is depicted as a small alien with yellow skin and large, bulbous eyes. He has an excited expression on his face. The background of the painting is a simple, solid color, allowing the focus to remain on Mr. Frundles and his expressive features. The artwork is done in a naive, folk-art style, giving it a charming and whimsical feel.

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